Friday, May 11, 2012

Top Ten Gaming Starships

Those of you who’ve known me a while know that not only am I a techie/gaming geek, I’m also big on sci fi and general science. So, without further ado (and if you can handle even more gaming and geeky sci fi nonsense in one article than the average human should study in a week), here’s my Top Ten Gaming Starships.

Also, spoiler alert...

10) Halcyon Carrier
(Sins of a Solar Empire)
The first time I played Sins of a Solar Empire, I naturally gravitated towards the fleets of powerful battleships and cruisers, with al their heavy weapons and special abilities – and ignored the fighter craft and their carriers. So, when the Advent turned up in orbit over my home planet and disgorged wave after wave of ‘anima’ fighters and bombers - which promptly ripped me to shreds – I sat up and took notice. Needless to say, when I play as the Advent, I have five of these. Deadly.

9) Eclipse
(SW Empire at War: Forces of Corruption)
What’s cooler than a Super Star Destroyer? A Super Star Destroyer with a massive laser on it. The battle for the Eclipse – an incredibly massive battleship with a superlaser built into its spine - formed the last mission of Lucasarts’ fantastic Empire at War: Forces of Corruption add-on pack, and boy was it a battle and a half. Sneaking into the Kuat Drive yards, I gleefully took control of the Eclipse’s powerful weapons, before unleashing hell on the Empire and Rebellion alike. Great fun.

8) Progenitor Dreadnaught
(Homeworld 2)
The Hiigarans are not having a good time of things. Having been forced from their homeworld by marauding enemies, they settled on another world – which was promptly attacked by another enemy force bent on dominating the galaxy. Forced to flee once again, the plucky survivors discover the wreckage of a massive Progenitor worldship – and buried in its dock, the Progenitor Dreadnaught. Sure, the initial firing of the Dreadnaught results in it disabling itself, but once it’s back on the line, it becomes the crux of their advance – and looks awesome to boot.

7) Forward Unto Dawn
(Halo 3)
No doubt there will be some Halo fanboys who cry bloody murder at me including the Forward Unto Dawn over the Pillar of Autumn, but this plucky UNSC frigate won its spot for one reason only – the level in Halo 3 when it flies in from orbit, settles in front of Master Chief and his troopers - and disgorges a horde of tanks for you to control. A brilliant moment in gaming – even if the first time the ship came roaring in its jetwash sent the remains of a Covenant Wraith tank flying into my face, killing me instantly...

6) Normandy SR2
(Mass Effect series)
While the Normandy SR1 was a fine figure of a frigate, the Cerberus-built Normandy SR2 eclipses it in every way. As a personal transport for Commander (insert first name here) Shepherd, it’s taken on Reapers, Collectors and angry fans moaning about Mass Effect 3’s ending (myself included). As an icon of truly great gaming, the Normandy has served its masters well, and though its small size means it’s unable to take on the bigger fights, its stealth drive more than makes up for it.