Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Megabits' E3 2012 Highlights part 2

Well, E3 has been and gone and gaming's greatest event has seen some really tasty looking titles emerge... We can't wait for some of them to see the light of day. Here are our picks of some of the most intriguing games that will be swapped for our hard-earned cash in the future.

If you missed the first part of our Top 10 Highlights, take a look after the jump. Otherwise, relax a little a read on...

5) Assassin's Creed 3
The action looks good, the characters look good, the tools look good, you can hunt animals as well as humans, George Washington is in it and the British are (mostly) the bad guys.

Can't wait for this one, it might be able to restore my faith in the series...

4) Dead Space 3
I love the Dead Space series, so the announcement that another game is incoming - and features a co-op campaign, no less - made my day.

Granted, the game might lose some of its tension with someone else along for the ride - but it will sure make it more enjoyable, in my experience, provided you're playing with someone who knows how to handle a plasma cutter. Though this will be difficult if you're playing online, especially on the 10-year-old infested Xbox Live servers...

3) Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Sam Fisher kicking ass and taking names in a more-streamlined, neater title which ticks all the boxes for both action and espionage. I'm in.

Oh, and Spies vs Mercs is back, and about time too! Best multiplayer ever. But, crucially, Michael Ironside is not back. Here's why. I think you'll agree that's an utterly crap excuse.

2) Star Wars: 1313
Sure, it's basically UnchartedWars, looking at the early demo premiered at E3, but Star Wars 1313 could possibly be the best Star Wars game for years - although it's still not Battlefront 3.


Seemingly a cross between Star Wars and the rough-and-tumble action of the Uncharted series, the game has a lot of promise, setting a darker tone than the awful Kinect Star Wars and reminding fans of the series that Lucasarts can make adult Star Wars games, from time to time.

1) Watch Dogs
A new IP! That's a rare enough thing at E3 - an event traditionally swamped by sequels, prequels and three-quels. So, the fact that Watch Dogs is just a damn good idea - and taps into the inherent fear this modern world instills in anyone who has half a brain - is fantastic.

Combining intrigue with technology and conspiracy theories, Watch Dogs ticks all the boxes for the next big blockbuster. Bring it on.