Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Megabits' E3 2012 Highlights

For those of us who couldn't actually afford to go to LA for the E3 spectacular, I've been following the news from from my armchair in London.

We've finally made our way through all the best news and announcements but here are our Top Ten: E3 2012 Highlights. Enjoy!

10) Next-gen tech
Not a lot to go on here, but Square-Enix's tech demo was certainly shiny enough to grab my attention and hold it for a while.

Yes, new consoles are coming – although I don't think they're needed. The Xbox and PS3 still have years to run, and until we get full VR-rigs, I can't see me swapping them for anything.

9) WiiU
No, I still don't like the Wii. But even I must admit Nintendo's latest console looks clever and immersive - looking forward to seeing more of this

Whiny white plastic is back, baby!

8) Dead Island: Riptide
Dead Island was a diamond in the rough, here's hoping that the developers listen to the criticism and come back with a game that A: has a plot, and B: does a better job of matchmaking for its co-op campaign. Looking forward to seeing more from Dead Island: Riptide

Fingers crossed.

Oh, and bring back "Who do you Voodoo, bitch?!"

7) Halo 4
I dismissed Halo 4 out of hand - another shameless cash in to Master Chief's flog-a-dead-donkey game series - but somehow, the demos I saw of Halo 4 captured and help my attention, especially when more footage of the multiplayer came to light.

Plus, I really want to see what happens when Cortana goes 'Rampant'.

6) Dishonored
Looking like a combination of Half Life, Bioshock and Steampunk, I can't wait to see more of this title. Deus Ex Victorian or what!

Love the crazy powers.