Friday, June 15, 2012

Megabits Of News: Weekly Roundup (w/e 15 Jun)

Megabits of Gaming trawls the web for the tastiest morsels of news, so you don't have to...

Portable Street Fighter X Tekken
Street Fighter X Tekken will be available to play anywhere you want, after Capcom announced the game will be released on the iPhone in the summer. You can play with Ryu on the train, Heihachi Mishima in the park, Anna Williams in the bathroom … er, well, you get my drift.

Stallone to hit the small screen
According Joystiq, there's a listing on Australia's Classification site for “The Expendables 2”, - which will be hitting our cinemas soon - meaning it's to become a video game. We are hoping for Sly and co to bring the muscles, the big guns and the gore for this one.

Bullet time in you hands
CVG reports that handheld gamers will have their hands full as Max Payne is coming to Android. Rockstar has said Max Payne has been optimised for Android devices so shooting baddies and kicking butt has never looked so good … albeit on a small screen.

Space is the limit for Angry Birds
Those catapulting birds show no stopping as sales of Angry Birds Space have surpassed 100m downloads since March, says MCV. Rovio looks to be on to a winner.

Just can't get enough Fruit Ninja
I know what you're thinking... you play Fruit Ninja on iPhone, iPad, or Android all the time, but you still aren't getting enough of it in your life. Fear no more as studio Half Brick has licensed companies to begin producing consumer products for the franchise. Expect t-shirts, toys mugs and phone covers for your favourite app.