Friday, June 08, 2012

The most expensive DLC ever

We've bemoaned the cost of DLC on this very site on many occasions but we're staggered by just how expensive it's getting! Shrewd developers use the downloadable maps, missions and game modes to squeeze even more money from our wallets - and often it's worth the outlay...

But we at Megabits can't help but think things have gone a little too far with this content we recently tried to download for Prototype 2. Yeah, you saw that right - it wants us to part with over 4 billion Microsoft Points!!!

Mmm, if 2400 points is £20.40/$30.00... you do the math.At that price I hope Heller is at least able to turn invisible!

Not to worry though, this glitch was only temporary... and it's made us appreciate how reasonably priced DLC actually is!