Monday, June 11, 2012

Review: Offspring Fling

Haven't you had, at one point or another, a moment where you wish you could throw away stuff -or people- around the room? Well, Kyle Pulver, an indie game developer, has come up with the perfect game for you. Well, not really. It won't make your stress-o-meter go lower, but at least you can toss your offspring around and make them bounce against walls. That's something, right? Right.

Offspring Fling! is a strange game. Addictive, but strange. The story is simple. You're the mother of some adorable, Kirby-like creatures, and everything's fine and dandy, until a giant dinosaur decides to ruin your peace and hell breaks loose. Your children get dispersed around the forest, and it's your job to take them back, and to make that dinosaur pay. I might have made the game sound too serious. It's actually really, really cute (check out the demo after the jump).

And that's one of the highlights of this game. It's actually a combination of cartoonish, adorable characters with some cheerful music. Which is great, by the way. It really shows a lot of effort by the composer, Alec Holowka. About the gameplay, it's something similar to Super Meat Boy, that insanely-hard game who everyone loves. Your objective is to solve different baby-throwing puzzles while you avoid dangerous threats such as wasps, baby-dinosaurs, or water. If one of your precious cuddly fluffballs dies, you'll have to start again.

The controls are simple, and so is the game. It gets progressively harder with each level, and some of those puzzles will have you throwing your kids against the walls just for anger. Then again, the game has a few flaws. First of all, even though it has one hundred levels, the game won't last more than 6 hours if you're an average gamer. Also, the difficulty of this title lays within the time limit. Let me explain.

For beating a level, you'll earn a flower. The flower can be blue, if you simply pass the level, gold, if you beat it in a par time, or white if you can actually beat the developer's time. Obviously, if you simply try to get all the blue flowers, the game can be beaten in less than three hours. The golden ones are harder, but still achievable. The white ones... Well. I got three of them! All the flowers are kept in a garden level, which keeps getting prettier.

The only real problem I have with this game is the lack of content. It does have a level editor, but... It just feels a bit empty. There are no unlockables, no kind of incentive for you to keep playing.

Honestly, the feeling of knowing your kids are safe is satisfying for a while, but towards the end, you end up wishing there was more to this game. Sadly, there isn't. If you're curious about it, you can try it for free on Newgrounds, or on It'll most likely feel like a brief wave of fresh air for most gamers out there, who are too busy with Diablo III to remember there are other games out there!

Reviewed on PC

By Carles Soler