Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Achievements: The Amazing Spider-Man tipped

Spidey’s latest romp through the streets of Manhattan managed to keep us glued to our screens throughout its short campaign. And when you’re done there are more collectibles than you could ever wish for to keep you busy. The Amazing Spider-Man is certainly an enjoyable romp and it's not too tricky either, meaning that 1000G or Platinum trophy is definitely within reach!

There are a few frustrations along the way but here are a few tips to help:

1. Tough it out  
Our top tip is to start the game on its hardest Super Hero setting (worth 100G/Silver). It’s really not much tougher than the lower difficulties and you’ll stack achievements when you complete the game too.

2. Don't Rush things - you know it makes Spidey Sense
The new Web Rush move, which slows time and allows you to pick where you want Spidey to swing to, really gets you out of sticky situations! We recommend you use it as often as possible – especially when faced with large groups of enemies, as your lumbering foes won’t find it easy to keep track of you, despite your bright red and blue suit! It’s also advisable to get to grips with Web Rush for those cross-species confrontations.

3. Make the Hunters become the hunted
Hunters are by far the toughest enemies in the game – and the most irritating. You’re introduced to these flying robots fairly early on but as you progress they can appear with frustrating regularity. Firstly, if you see a small hovering machine that follows you when you’re swinging about the city, swat it quickly… stay in its sights for too long and it will set off the alarm and you’ll soon be surrounded by a Hunter bot – and they’re often a bitch to kill. You basically need to keep swinging through the skies, shooting webs at them to slow their movement. When the prompt comes up onscreen, hit the shoulder button and you’ll dive on top of the machine and give it a bit of a pummelling. Rinse and repeat and it will soon be dust… the tricky part is remembering that usually after three or four hits, the Hunter emits a huge blue energy orb that, on higher difficulty settings, instantly kills our favourite superhero. The key tip is not to get too carried away with your strikes – after a couple of hits, make an about turn and swing away from the bot to avoid almost certain death!

4. Make your upgrades count
Use your power-up XP carefully. Some of the power ups, while handy, aren’t essential. Others, however, are incredibly useful later in the game. When you’ve got enough points, head into the Character and Tech Upgrades menus to see what’s available. Ensure you opt for Web Strength and Rapid Fire, as well as Attack Damage and Combat Boost. Double Thread is really useful for stealth attacks – wrapping two bad guys in a cocoon and hanging them from the rafters, whereas Power Strike is essential to nullify the shields of those pesky robots and will be a godsend in the latter stages of the game. Make sure you unlock Web Bounce too as you’ll get an achievement for using this move!

5. Be more forthright
Some stages can be completed without having to kill all enemies (all that punching can be a bit of a grind after a while). Don’t be afraid of trying to creep past unsuspecting bad guys to reach the next checkpoint, or why not swing past them? If it doesn’t work and you get detected, you can then take them on… If you die, don’t worry – the checkpoints are fairly generous and you won’t have to retread much ground. It’s worth experimenting.

6. Make some time for collecting and side missions
Achievement hunters will wonder whether all those civilian-saving tasks or comic book collecting distractions are worthwhile for such miserly gamerscore – but remember, although you may not be too into your collectibles or side missions, these easy tasks can help you accrue a fair bit of XP and help you power up your abilities very quickly. There’s no harm in saving the occasional mugging victim as you’re swinging toward your next mission, or making a slight detour to pick up some stray comic pages, is there?

7. Stop chatting already... get to the point
The cut scenes are annoying and there are loads of them. Fortunately, they can be skipped by holding the Back button! You won’t miss anything of any real importance. Suffice to say, robots and hybrid animal/humans are bad… so shoot them.

8. Shhhhhhhhh
Take out shield-wielding soldiers using stealth. Some of the soldiers are heavily armoured and have hefty shields that repel your wimpish web strikes. You could always approach, leap over them and attack from behind for their Achilles heal as the game suggests… but it’s far more simple – and much faster – just to use your Web Rush to hang from the ceiling above them and stealthily drop down to wrap them in web (you’ll need the Spider’s Thread upgrade). Job done.

9. Red means danger!
Always watch for your Spider senses to tingle! A white lighting icon above your head means you’re about to be attacked – but these are avoidable and can be countered. However, should a red icon appear, then get out of there fast – preferably using your Web Retreat button. This tends to warn of incoming gunfire or some attack move that can’t be countered, and will often lead to your untimely demise.

10. Compulsive collector
The game is full of collectibles, including 700 comic book pages (worth getting as they provide access to full digital versions of classic comics from the Extras menu – perfect for fans) and audio logs, magazines and Tech pieces. Besides the benefits of picking up some of these during your playthrough (see tip 6 above), don’t fret if you run out of time or miss a few. After completing the game’s 12 short chapters, the 13th gives you free reign of the city – and allows you to choose the time of day that you explore (if you pick a night time outing, the comic pages glow in the dark!).