Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Achievements: Rockstar's completionist accolades

If you're anything like the team here at Megabits, then Max Payne 3 has been whirring merrily in your disc drive for a while now. In our view it's certainly been worth the wait but ramp up the difficulty and I'll wager you'll take plenty of bullets and see plenty of restarts.

It got us thinking about Rockstar’s penchant for making things tough for us gamers… just look at the achievements and trophies for their catalogue of titles! We therefore decided to take a look at some of the Completionist accolades in our favourite Rockstar games – those achievements that require us to explore every inch of the map, complete every side mission and collect every damn collectible!

Often these kind of accolades are a complete grind but these guys [nearly] always seem to get the balance right... Rockstar makes you work for your achievements but it does mean you get to see everything the game has to offer. Here are some of Rockstar's games from recent years that "encourage" you to see all there is to see...

Max Payne 3 (2012)
"All Of The Above" 100G
Finish All Single Player Grinds
The grizzled cop returns, burdened by even more baggage than the last time he hit our screens. This time round, the action sees our hero starting a new life in Sao Paulo, Brazil – but it isn’t too long before he’s slap bang in the middle of more trouble. As if the game wasn’t tricky enough, good old Rockstar is offering a healthy 100G should you be able to “Finish All Single Player Grinds”. No other developer likes to ensure we see as much of their games as possible. We all knew one of these achievements was going to be included, didn’t we? Of course, there’s always help available online from awesome sites such as  www.xbox360achievements.org/ if you’re finding things a little too tricky.

Bully: Scholarship Edition (2008)
"Perfectionist" 125G
100% Completion
Even though it's a few years since its launch, Bully is n absolutely awesome game and fans are still calling for a sequel. In the meantime, Rockstar has ensured there’s plenty to keep us occupied and you certainly have to work for your 125G to get the Perfectionist achievement… needing to complete all story and side missions! Just take a look at how long this list is: Complete All Side Missions, Complete All Classes To Level 5, Collect All 75 Rubber Bands, Collect All 40 Grottos & Gremlins Cards, Smash All 25 Garden Gnomes, Collect All 6 Transistors & Learn Fighting Moves, Win All Go-Kart Races, Win All Bicycle Races, Complete All Lawn Mowing Jobs, Complete All Paper Route Jobs, Complete 40 Errands, Collect 330 Clothing Items, Take All Yearbook Photos, Win All Boxing Matches, Ride Each Carnival Ride Once. WIN* Each Carnival Game Once, Buy All Items From Carnival Shop, Fail Any Five Classes, Pull Twenty Fire Alarms, Travel 100 KM On Foot, Travel 50 KM On Skateboard, Travel 100 KM On Bicycle, Get High Score On Arcade Games, Play Penalty Shootout & Keep Ups Mini Games, Buy 500 Sodas, Smash All Pumpkins From Halloween, Smash All Gravestones From Halloween, Beat Up The Secret Pirate, Spray A Tag Of Each Clique. Phew!!!

Red Dead Redemption (2010)
"Redeemed" 100G
Attain 100% in the single player game completion stat
The open world wild west epic was just as demanding of its players. The completionists out there - us included - had to traipse every inch of those dusty plains in search of hideouts, outlaws and outfits. Here, 100% completion meant completing all missions, finding the Rare Weapons, Player Houses, Outfits, Gang Hideouts, Bounty Locations, completing the Mini Games, Challenges, meeting all Strangers and discovering all the locations on the map. Killing grizzly bears is one thing but what's with a tough old cowboy having to pick flowers anyway?

Grand Theft Auto IV (2008)
"Key To The City" 100G
Achieve 100% in Game Progress statistic
Besides finishing all the missions, to get your 100G you had to also had to jack 30 cars, befriend people and complete certain activities such as darts, bowling and pool. As if bumping into random characters and completing their missions wasn't laborious enough, you also had to complete a multitude of assassination missions - and that's not to mention all those stunt jumps around the city. My personal bugbear, however, was trying to find those 200 of those illusive pigeons!

L.A Noire (2011)
"The City Of The Angels" 80G
Reach 100% game complete
While this retro crime caper was perhaps not as well received as some of Rockstar's other efforts, it received plenty of praise for the funky face mapping that helped to generate all those expressions and helped you deduce who was lying. The game may not have kept us as addicted as some of the others in the Rockstar catalogue but the developers certainly didn't disappoint regarding the inclusion of a 100% complete achievement - "The City of The Angels". This time round you had to earn your 80G by solving all 40 street crimes, reading 13 newspapers, discovering the 30 landmarks in the city,  uncovering 50 film reels and driving 95 different vehicles! Sadly, I imagine few of you would have bothered as the game did get slightly stale after a while - and it wasn't because of all those cadavers!