Friday, July 13, 2012

Bits and Bytes: Ultimate gaming cupboard

There's nothing worse than having your console consigned to the corner of a small room, linked to a tiny TV, is there? Gaming shouldn't be hidden away - us gamers should play with pride!

With all the power under the hoods of our 360s and PS3, there's nothing better than being able to dedicate some decent space to your rig - perhaps investing in a huge screen or speaker system - to show off all that graphical prowess.

We stumbled upon this great idea for some furniture that can only enhance your gaming experience. Think big, think bold, think huge entertainment centre! According to GeekSugar, this gaming centre is available for a princely sum of $1300 from Pottery Barn - plenty of shelf space for all your accessories as well as a rather cool pull down screen. We want one.

Make gaming the focal point of your room... get a huge cupboard that becomes a massive screen!