Monday, July 02, 2012

Left 4 Dead DLC lands on Xbox this month

Finally, us Xbox-based Left 4 Dead fans will be able to sink our teeth into some shiny new DLC... and by the end of the month no less. After a wait that's seemingly dragged on forever, the team at the Left 4 Dead blog has announced its imminent arrival:

After months *cough*year*cough* of play testing not just the Cold Stream campaign on the PC but the entire DLC consisting of Blood Harvest, Crash Course, Cold Stream, Dead Air, and Death Toll, we are ready to release on the Xbox 360.

The date will be July 24th. There are some other surprises and details we will give you later but for now we just want to confirm an often requested feature. With the update going out at the same time (also for the PC), all of the mutations will be available at all times. This will allow players to choose to match into games playing Taannkk!, Gib Fest, or even a user created mutation like Confogl.

The site teases more information to follow... so we'll keep you posted. In the meantime, we'd better get some kills under our belt in preparation. Now, where did I put that Katana?