Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten sequels we REALLY want to see (Part One)

Look at your pile of games... go on. I'll wager there are some there that you've absolutely loved, have played right to the very end and bristled with anticipation until the announcement that they'd be a sequel. Problem is, the majority of those announcements just don't happen these days, with developers opting instead to go for the low-hanging fruit and just work on annual updates and games that are guaranteed to sell by the million. 

So, in all their glory and in no particular order, here are ten sequels we REALLY want to see...

10) Left for Dead 3
We're bored rigid of waiting for updates and Xboxers are increasingly jealous of their PC counterparts with all those mods and maps that are still being churned out. The first game was ace, the second game  grabbed it by its infected neck, held a shotgun to its forehead and blew it away. What on earth could be better than that escape across the bridge? Maybe we could have even more zombie types, loads more maps and some new game modes? What about two teams of heroes fighting it out against zombies at the same time over Xbox Live? Come on Valve...

9) Vanquish 2
Vanquish never seemed to take the world by storm and I only bought it after a friend recommended it, but I absolutely loved this game. What's not to love? You slide about on your backside at high speed and shoot people, face huuuuuge robots and get to play with some awesome firepower! I doubt a sequel is likely but if it ever appeared, I'm sure there would be plenty in the queue to pick up a copy so we could get back into that ARS suit!

8) Syndicate 2
Sure, this was largely regarded as a flop and many of us still can't forgive the departure from the original feel of Syndicate circa 1993, but it wasn't a bad game at all. Even better was when you roped in a couple of friends and played co-op. Lots of guns, lots of shooting and a decent challenge made this a series we'd really like to see developed.

7) Blur 2, Split\Second 2
We've lumped these two together as the studios are dufunct and the chances of a follow up are obviously minimal. They both sped onto our screens at about the same time and both blew us away. Addictive, explosive and brilliant racers, they were both liked by the critics. Blur was Mario Kart for grown ups whereas Split\Second was Need for Speed for those hellbent on destruction. Sadly, with the developers no longer with us, we can only hope someone else picks up where they left off.

6) Crackdown 3
The first time round we faced gangs, the second time it was gangs and zombies... what next? We found ourselves finding the sequel just as addictive as the first game - especially when we found ourselves addicted to looking for all those bloody orbs! A third game could have more players online at any one time, rival agents, better vehicles and maybe a different city???