Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ten sequels we REALLY want to see (Part Two)

The gaming world is awash with sequels right now - but who are we to moan about it. In fact, we should see a few more in our opinion. And here are our suggestions of the games we want to return.

If you missed the first part of our Ten sequels we REALLY want to see, click here... otherwise, read on.

5) Prototype 3
James Heller was infinitely more likeable than the original protagonist Mercer, although he had his moments of nastiness - largely through his nonchalance at killing civilians or causing all hell to break loose around New York City. But we couldn't help but love the sequel, which again showed a vast improvement on its predecessor in pretty much every way. So much so, that we soon found ourselves working towards that 1,000G and hoping for more tendril action in a future edition...

4) Army of Two 3
The first game wasn't particularly liked, and was almost as brainless as the Gears of War series - lots of fist bumping, oo-rahing and senseless violence didn't equate to great review scores. Fortunately, EA ploughed on and released The 40th Day, which was infinitely better and built on what turned out to be a great co-op game. Covering one another, hoisting your partner up a wall or reviving downed allies was the order of the day and it worked well. Pimping your guns to grab the bad guys' attention was great fun and worked well. Expect more of the same in the third game.

3) Deus Ex
Besides Portal 2, no other game kept us glued to the screen more than the return of Deus Ex after years in the wilderness. Whether you opted to sneak about the place or punch your augmented fist through walls to progress, freedom of choice took central stage in this wonderful futuristic romp. We want more of the same please!

2) Bulletstorm 2
It kind of flew under the radar a bit last year, but Bulletstorm was a new IP that really captured our imagination. Discovering the most brutal ways to kill people and unlocking elaborate kill combos kept us coming back for more. Just imagine what the next game could do.

1) Portal 3
Games based on science don't usually appeal to the masses but there was something about the simplicity of the games yet the equally devlish puzzles that really worked. Adding two player to the sequel was brilliant and it make the whole experience even more enjoyable. Saying that though, the single player mode was just as addictive. Valve needs to follow the path of other developers and milk some of its franchises until they're dry... sequel please!!!


enslaved 2
crusader 3 (no remorse/regret)
monster hunter portable 3rdG
metal gear solid : peace walker 2
metal gear acid 3
discworld 3D