Thursday, July 12, 2012

Top video game facilities

No videogame would be complete without a level set in some sort of facility – be it a nuclear missile silo or a moon base. Levels such as this allows the character to be juxtaposed for emphasis, move the plot on or just offer a chance to shoot aliens in a new location. Here are our Top Ten Video game ‘Facilities’.

10) Rupture Farms (Abe’s Odysee)
As food processing plants go, Rupture Farms is one of the more ‘evil’. Allowing the megalomaniacal, no-armed Glukkons to spew out a constant stream of tasty Paramite Pies, Scrab Cakes and Mudokon Pops, poor, inept hero Abe takes great pleasure in transforming into a monster of legend and blowing the crap out of it. Granted, before he gets chance to do so he has to fight through a number of tricky, challenging levels, all shot with a dark and moody filter. Creepy and memorable.

9) Junk (Total Annihilation)
As planets go, the homeworld of the Core is pretty bleak – ravaged with storms, and practically silent, as it’s totally covered in automatons, wherein the population of humanity has transferred their consciousnesses in order to transcend death. As for it’s moon ‘Junk’, being as it’s just a huge pile of rotting metal, it’s the ideal place for the Arm to collect their forces and assemble a massive invasion force – that is, once you’ve hunted down the Core scavengers infesting its depths. Unlimited metal resources + a skilled Commander = massive battles and a lot of fun. What’s not to like.

8) Wing Fortress Zone (Sonic the Hedgehog 2)
What does every genius evil-doer need? How about a gargantuan flying fortress from where to manipulate his many nefarious schemes – and Dr Robotnik (no, not ‘Eggman’, it was Robotnik in the UK, and that’s how it’s going to stay!) is no exception. The Wing Fortress is a massive warren of engines, prop-propellers, cannon turrets manned by chicken-robot ‘Cluckers’ and more ways to fall off the level than you can throw a stick at! A tough, infinitely memorable facility.

7) Area 51 (Deus Ex)
Deus Ex’s Area 51 has it all – aliens, cloning tanks, nuclear reactors, AI uplinks, mutated monsters and legions of soldiers to blast, sneak or trick your way through. Forcing nano-augmented agent JC Denton to use all the skills, weapons and augmentations available to him, Area 51 answered Deus Ex’s many questions, and gave the player a world-altering decision to make - that’s if you could get inside before the nuke zipping towards it erased it from the map...

6) Junon (Final Fantasy 7)
Harbour? Check. Underwater nuclear power-plant? Check. Heliport? Check. Enormous cannon? Check. Damn but Junon was a cool facility. Owned and operated by the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company, Junon Harbour is a combination fortress, research facility and armoury, which somehow manages to stuff a town in the middle as well. Built atop the ruins of the original fishing village, Junon could be called an eyesore. But then, a fishing village couldn’t so this when it’s attacked by a massive monster: