Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Would you sell your games collection for $1.2m?

We saw a story on the LA Times - and countless other web sites - about a rather unique ebay listing that offered the "Biggest Collection Ever" of video games. It's quite an impressive haul but what's even more impressive is the winning bid of... $1.2m.

Amazing! But what will be even more amazing is if the winning bidder actually pays up!!!

It's an extensive list of games (take a look at the complete ebay listing for all the details):

1) Famicom Cartridge Fullset (around 1050 games)
2) Famicom Disk system fullset (around 200 games)
3) Virtual Boy Fullset (19 games)
4) Super Famicom Fullset (around 1500 titles)
5) Nintendo 64 Fullset: All releases (around 200 games)
6) Nintendo DD64 fullset: All releases (10 games)
7) Gamecube Fullset (around 320 games)
8) Sega Master System European Fullset, Australian/US/Brazilian exclusives (around 300 games)
9) Sega Mark 3 and Sega Master System Japanese Fullset: all releases (around 80 games)
10) Sega Game Gear Fullset: All releases (around 200 games)
11) Sega Megadrive Fullset: All releases (around 450 games)
12) Sega 32 X Fullset: all releases (19 games)
13) Sega Mega CD Fullset: all releases (around 115 games)
14) Sega Saturn Fullset: All releases (around 1150 games)
15) Sega Dreamcast Fullset (around 550 games)
16) PC Engine Hucard Fullset (around 300 games)
17) PC Engine Supergrafx Fullset (6 games)
18) PC Engine CD Fullset (around 120 games)
19) PC ENGINE SUPER CD Fullset (around 300 games)
20) PC ENGINE ARCADE CD Fullset (12 Games)
21) PC-FX Fullset
22) Pioneer Laseractive Fullset (All Mega-LD releases + LD-Rom² exclusives!)

Would you swap your games collection for $1.2m??? Hell, yeah