Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Top Ten Robots in Gaming (part two)

Who doesn't love robots, right? Here's the conclusion of our Top Ten Robots in Gaming. If you missed the first part, click here. Otherwise, read on...

A strange amalgamation of Metal Gear Rex’s upper body and Metal Gear Ray’s robo-organic legs and ‘blood’, the GEKKO of Metal Gear Solid 4 become one of the iconic enemies of the series. Designed as the ultimate pack hunters, the ‘bots are capable of pursuing and destroying most enemies – though not a 50-year-old in a cardboard box. They also sound like cows. No idea why.

4) Atlas and P-body (Portal 2)
Invented by gloriously evil AI GLAdos to fulfill her in-built compulsion to run tests on things, Atlas and Peabody prove to be excellent companions for each other through Portal 2’s brilliant co-op gameplay. As they gradually develop a relationship, complete with high-fiving (much to GLAdos’ chagrin), the ‘bots help the evil overlord of Aperture Science unlock an even bigger prize...

3) DOG (Half-Life 2)
Created to protect mad-scientist Eli Vance’s daughter Alex, DOG went from canine-sized friend to massive, tank-flipping monsterbot over time. Loyal to a fault, and stronger than even Gordon Freeman’s crowbar, DOG is just as happy to attack and destroy Combine soldiers as he is to play fetch with Freeman and the gravity gun. I want one.

2) Clank (Ratchet and Clank)
As a constant companion to Lombax mechanic turned galactic saviour Ratchet, Clank combines a decent wit with a huge number of helpful abilities – and even went on to star in his own spin-off game. Small enough to carry on your back, the tiny ‘bot has far outgrown his original programming, but has managed to secure a position of high regard nontheless. I’m looking forward to his next outing with great interest.

1) HK-47 (Star Wars: KOTOR)
Polite yet unbelievably snide, HK-47 is the personal assassin droid of fallen Jedi Revan – and boy is he fun to be around. Although he largely sees the organic beings of the universe as something to be avoided – or preferably, killed – the skilled assassin has somehow ended up serving a succession of masters throughout the Star Wars canon – most of which have died in unusual circumstances...

Honourable mentions:
KNRB-0 Argus (Vanquish)
Mega Man (Megaman)
The Geth (Mass Effect)
Dark Troopers (Dark Forces)