Monday, December 24, 2012

Megabits' Pick of Top Tropical Titles

Happy bloody Christmas! It's cold, dark, miserable and wet right now - and I can't help but feel sick and tired of this bleak wintry weather. It's hammering down with rain right now and roads are flooding... we've had snow and frost but to compound my misery, those weather "experts" say it's hugely unlikely we'll have a white Christmas afterall - just a damp one! So, to dispel my funk, I decided to think of sunnier climes and come up with Megabits' Five Top Tropical Titles - the games that boast the sunniest, brightest and warmest settings. Maybe it will lift my gloom a little. Bah Humbug. 

Far Cry 3
This isn't the first game in the series that featured an island setting with waves lapping upon the shores and sun beating down on the lush foliage but the latest epic from Ubisoft, by far and away, sports the most impressive tropical paradise. A vast map with enemy soldiers (with decent AI), boxes to loot, camps to explore, vehicles to swipe and animals to hunt makes this the ultimate open world adventure. The map is a staggering ten times that of Far Cry 2 - and that was huge! The draw distance is awesome too, which only adds to the sense of immersion. It's certainly somewhere we'd like to visit... if the locals ever calm down!

Sure, the graphics engine was phenomenal and the visuals absolutely stunning... sadly, few gamers were able to experience it because your PC needed to be a monster to meet the specs! Good thing that the developers could have a joke at their own expense in the sequel: the first achievement was called "Can it run Crysis" - a nod to the over the top requirements of the first game.

Mercenaries 2
This open world third person shooter was buggy as hell but great fun to play. With the strapline "World in Flames", you get an idea of what to expect before you even open the box. Fortunately, besides the explosions, fire and mayhem, you also got to see a fair bit of jungle foliage - and it looks lovely!

Dead Island
Yet another idyllic setting that rapidly becomes a holiday from hell when everyone gets infected with some bizarre zombie virus. Wish you were here? I think not.Still, if you can take a few seconds break from cracking some undead skulls with a paddle, why not soak up the rays and enjoy an idyllic stroll along the beach?

Just Cause 2
Far Cry 3 really reminds me of Just Cause 2... Whether you're running through the green hills, swimming across vast rivers, soaring through the air or zooming down some dusty track in a stolen vehicle, you'll have an absolute blast. Just Cause had Rico's trademark grappling hook, however, which allowed you to see more of the gorgeous setting than you'd expect... just tether yourself to a helicopter and gawp at the scenery. Beautiful.