Sunday, February 03, 2013

My Hardest - And Proudest - Xbox Achievement!

I've finally bloody done it! After months and months of trying, I'm a champion. A FIFA 13 cup winner! I've lost count of how many games I've played, of how many times I've thrown the controller to the floor in disgust, or how many obscenities I've yelled at the screen. But I've done it - and am finally content!

I've loved to hate FIFA these past few months. Waiting patiently every 11 days for that cup window to open and cramming in as much playtime as possible. I'd tried a number of teams - from Crawley Town to Man Utd, Italy to Real Madrid, Anderlect to Sao Paulo - but I failed with each and every one of them. Brazil finally took me to the final - and I'll forever love them for it!

I've collected that infernal Mile High Club achievo in Modern Warfare 3. And I've played The Impossible Game and Super Meat Boy... I know what stress is like! But "Filling Cabinets" has caused me more pain and misery than anything I've EVER played before.Some members of my family claim they've NEVER heard me swear before. Now they think I'm completely potty-mouthed.

Now it's over. I've done it. And I can start to enjoy FIFA again. My heart was beating throughout that final match, trying to hold my slender one-nil lead... until I turned in an exquisite cross with a glancing header... and then threaded an intricate through ball into the path of my pacey striker to tuck away another. 

I'll go to bed now... completely satisfied. This is me, Bojeeva - EA Shield champion - signing off. Night!