Thursday, February 07, 2013

Rick's Due A Reboot... Bring Him Back

A friend asked me yesterday which games deserved a chance of a reboot what with the new generation of consoles on the horizon. It got me thinking and, of course, I rifled off a list of favourites that ate into my youth (Road Rash, Populous, Herzog Zwei, Battle Isle and so on). One of them that I thought would really be worthy of an update was Rick Dangerous.

Developed by Core Design and unleashed in 1989, a time typified by big hair, bad dress sense and 8-bit computing, it had everything the discerning gamer could have wished for. There was a suave spy for our protagonist, caverns and treasures, spear-wielding tribesmen, guns, explosives and - in the sequel - aliens and UFOs! While the original received positive scores, it was the futuristic second game, aptly-named Rick Dangerous 2, that won the plaudits. 

The guys at Core went on to design Lara Croft and she's still going strong. In fact, in a matter of weeks, we'll see her new self-named game appear on store shelves. And she looks a little different, having had a bit of a face lift and refresh too. So why not Rick? As a cross between Lara and Nathan Drake and more than a nod towards fedora-wearing Indiana Jones from the movies, there would surely be a market for his return. Imagine what could be done with Crysis-style graphics, a jungle environment like Far Cry 3 and awesome audio and voice acting... Come on someone, bring him back!!!