Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ten Games That Need A Reboot (Part One)

Remember these? I do, and I think it's high time developers gave these brilliant titles a new lease of life. Necromancy isn't illegal, right…?

10) Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy
Midway, a now defunct developer, did a really good job with Psi-Ops – it's just a shame the game was released alongside competitor psychic-fest Second Sight (which wasn't as good).
Nope, what's needed here is a new version of the HAVOK-powered mental shooter, with better graphics, but just as much crazy mind-possessing nonsense.


9) Urban Chaos
Way before Grand Theft Auto 3, Urban Chaos was running around the streets, shooting bad guys, climbing high towers and carjacking innocent pedestrians – and that was playing as a police officer. Dripping with attitude, this little-known title was great fun to play, offering both an open world and a crazy story which goes from gang-wars to the occult and back.

8) Road Rash
If you've played this Megadrive gem, then you know exactly why Road Rash could use a next-gen reboot. There's nothing like roaring up beside your best mate and thwacking him in the face with a metal pole, or a fistful of chains, before speeding off and over the finish line.

7) Streets of Rage

Like Road Rash, if the sound of this song makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, then you remember the sheer joy a few runs through Streets of Rage could bring on a cold winter evening in the 90s. Sure, the games were short and made little sense, but boy were they fun. Now excuse me while I go teabag this turkey leg to get my heath bar back to full.

6) The 'Strike' series
Fast-paced, addictive and endlessly replayable, Desert, Jungle and Urban strike were great titles. I'd love to get back behind the joystick of a Super Commanche helicopter again – just with proper graphics and a decent campaign length. That said, you can keep the crappy on-foot sections that plagued Urban Strike. No I don't want to go wandering around a Las Vegas casino with nothing but a pistol and a cricket box for protection…

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