Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ten Games That Need A Reboot (Part Two)

There are plenty of games from yesteryear that we'd love to make a comeback. Here's the second part of our wishlist for ten games that could use a next/current gen reboot. If you missed the first part, click here.

5) Flashback/Another World
Games so difficult they made you want to hurl your controller through a window, Flashback and Another World did a fantastic job of creating the tension and danger of strange planets in the far future. The smooth motion of the rotoscoped graphics made these two come to life for a generation of gamers, and I'd love to see a modern adventure game along the same lines. Let's just forget about 'Fade to Black', though.

4) G-Police/Colony Wars
Where did all the good shooters go? Whether on PC or consoles, the Colony Wars/G-Police titles were great looking, fun and intense shooters which deserve a new lease of life. Even played today, the game design that made them so special back in the 90s still shines through - even if the clunky control scheme isn't so hot. RIP, Psygnosis.

3) Space Invaders

Imagine, if you will, a super HD space battler against legions of enemy invaders, but with your squadron of friends beside you, using the buildings of some vast space-bound city to hide from alien attacks. Am I the only one who thinks a HD-remake would be great fun? Three generations of gamers can't be wrong.

2) X-Wing/TIE Fighter
Despite my constant begging that Lucasarts stop cocking about with things like Star Wars Kinect and release TIE Fighter on Steam, they're consistently ignoring me. So, perhaps a heartfelt plea for a remake of the seminal space shooters X-Wing and TIE Fighter might get through to them. Please, Disney/George, don't squander one of the best universes in science fiction by not releasing a new X-Wing vs TIE Fighter. It'll go down a storm.

1) Final Fantasy 7
Best RPG ever? Probably. Remake it. That's an order. Enough said.


Honourable mentions:

Space Hulk
Rick Dangerous